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Spring Fever

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by , 03-26-2010 at 06:01 AM (2691 Views)
Spring Fever

Birds are singing the fresh new song of spring! Daffodils are showing off their beauty. Bradford pear trees are in full bloom. The air is growing warmer every day and the earth is ready for a new season of growth. Spring is also a great opportunity for teaching and bringing about growth in our children.

After many long months of being mostly indoors, everyone is ready to shed those extra layers and get out and about, especially children. There are many teaching opportunities during the special months of spring that you might want to consider. Children and adults alike benefit from being out in the fresh air and getting a little exercise.

One of things you might want to consider is planting a spring garden. A lot of space is really not necessary. Container gardening is very popular and the results are basically the same with the exception of volume. Of course, if you do have the space, planting a larger garden will lend to even more teaching opportunities when the vegetables are ready to be harvested. Whatever space you have, make the most of it. Science lessons are there for the taking! Children can learn the basics of botany, the life cycle of plants and the interdependent relationships of an ecosystem. Don't forget the opportunity to teach a little math along your gardening journey. Planning and laying out the garden, measuring plant growth, and measuring rainfall are all great considerations.

If you are new to gardening, don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of your local library. There are many great books on all types of gardening. While you are digging in, the children can also pick out gardening books of their own and get in a little reading. If you haven't thought of art, now is the time! Give your children a blank canvas to draw their garden as it grows. Most children love to draw and if they need a little practice on their writing skills, encourage them to write about their pictures. Drawing and journals are a great idea for all ages.

Don't forget about social studies and history! It's so interesting to learn about the origin of different plants. Find those places of origin on the map and talk about how different cultures may have used the plant in different ways.

Gardening is a homeschool resource that you don't want to miss out on! Spring has sprung! Gardening is great fun and everyone reaps the benefits. So, dig out the gardening tools, new seed packets and a desire to learn with your children. Everyone grows together!


  1. MamaMary's Avatar
    I love how each week you are encouraging me to get outside! I live in the middle of a very busy city, but I live vicariously through you on your farm. (smile)