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Teachable Moments

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by , 03-22-2010 at 06:33 AM (3579 Views)

Teachable Moments

I remember as a new homeschooler how frustrated I would become when something would come into my life that would throw off our plans. It always worked out, but I hated that initial feeling of being caught off guard. I found myself wanting to be in control. I’ve done a gamut of schedule’s, routines, curriculum and planners and yet, I’ve never found “THE PERFECT” one.

Here is what I’ve learned. There is no perfect schedule, planner, routine or even curriculum. These things are wonderful tools and resources that assist me, but homeschooling is about a lifestyle. It’s about flexibility. Homeschooling doesn’t happen between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

As we added babies to our family I found that I enjoyed the experience far more as I learned to relax and go with the flow. The first pregnancy threw me off with all the doctor appointments. I was so focused on our science textbook that it took precedence over the science they were learning through the pregnancy, labor, birth and baby.

By the time #4 made his appearance it was a totally different story. All the boys had been exposed to TLC’s, “The Baby Story”. When I needed to go to the doctor they would come along and listen to the babies heartbeat.

When I was put in the hospital on bedrest they would come and visit me and ask our nurses all kinds of questions. It was obvious that, "The Baby Story" made an impact because as I was being wheeled away for my C-section my 8 year old son looked up at me with his sweet little earnest face and told me to PUSH! () Pregnancy became a Teachable Moment.

This past week was a reminder of how powerful teachable moments can be. It started off with me passing a kidney stone and then quickly became much more when I was hit with one of the worst flu bugs of my entire adult life. As I laid on the couch I was able to watch my boys shine as they stepped up STRONG!

Looking back I can tell you that it was a mother’s joy to watch them GO. My two older boys made sure everyone did their chores. (All those hours invested in teaching them how to make beds, sweep floors, take the garbage out paid off) Because we use online learning as our main curriculum they took the initiative to grab their headphones, login, do their work and log off.

My biggest obstacle came as Friday approached. You see, I teach five highschool classes at a large co-op here in Florida. There was no way I could be there and so my oldest son, who just turned 18 stepped up to the plate and taught for me. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first. Don't misunderstand I know that this sons strength is public speaking and encouraging others to participate in discussions, but still.

What a JOY it was to see facebook comments started flooding in before he even got home. Over and over again students and parents could not say enough nice things. What a wonderful growing experience for him and what a blessing for me.

Teachable moments are the lifeblood of our homeschool. How about you? Can you share teachable moments that have taken place in your home?

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