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Top Five Reasons NOT to Homeschool

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by , 06-23-2010 at 01:58 AM (4995 Views)
Top Five Reasons NOT to Homeschool
by Jamie
Have you heard them before? I sure have… someone asks me where our children go to school and I tell them that they… homeschool. Oh boy, then I get it… all of the reasons why they would or could NEVER homeschool. Sometimes I am shocked, but almost always they leave me wondering if these are really reasons TO HOMESCHOOL. Let’s look at the top five excuses… oh excuse me… reasons –
1) I don’t have enough patience. ( My personal favorite) Does any parent have “enough” patience? No Way. Let’s be honest… we can all stand some improvement in this area. Homeschooling can help parents understand and relate to their children better simply because they are spending more time with them. This produces a better relationship of which a by- product would be patience and understanding. Trust me – I learned this one the hard way.
2) I’m way too busy to homeschool. Wow… this one always makes me a bit sad. It just seems like the parent is telling me they are just too busy to invest in their children. I am a very busy mom of six, a business owner, a pastor’s wife, and I have two part time jobs, but somehow homeschooling and investing in the children that were given to me always seems more important than the other stuff. Homeschooling puts your children at the focus of your life…
3) I didn’t go to college there is no way I could teach my children. Hmmm…. Did you know that in Dr. Brian Ray’s study on the effects of homeschooling he found that, “Home schooled student’s test scores remain between the 80th and 90th percentiles, whether their mothers have a college degree or did not complete high school.” Learning is taking place independent of the parent’s level of education! There are so many “easy to teach” options out there from online curriculum to well developed printed resources in math, language arts, social studies, science and foreign languages.
4) We struggle financially already, we just couldn’t afford to homeschool. Shew… this is one of the reasons I used to use! What is so unbelievable is that once we actually took that step to homeschool, and of course, I began staying at home – the finances really didn’t change. I found that I spent more money on clothing, food, dining out, travel and gas when I worked that it almost offset my salary. I also tried to brainstorm ways that I could make money from home. I started my own business and was able to do some part time work from home. It’s no stress, easygoing, and relaxed on a daily basis… I didn’t even look back!
5) What about socialization? –if I homeschool, my children won’t have friends. Ok, I know we have beaten the dead horse of socialization way too much, but this is a real reason for many who don’t understand the whole picture of homeschooling. Homeschooled children may not be with hundreds of children each day, but they do get plenty of other social opportunities from 4-H, sports, church, homeschool groups, etc. The social options in these settings are more natural, and children are not forced to be with bullies, or snobs. They also aren’t pressured with alcohol, drugs, or peer pressure. The positive options are endless and DO produce well socialized children.
Well, what do you think? Reasons not to? Or reasons to?


  1. dhassing's Avatar
    We have three daughters who are doing very well at their school. I am also a teacher in the same district--great system. However, they lacking information I felt they should know compared to when I was their age. So we do an extra hour or so each night when we come home from school and then the summer we do lots of field trips and spend a few hours a day with schooling. My girls love it. They have very high goals to reach for their futures and we have taught then you need to take charge of your own education. They spend lots of time reading books about their future professions. So people can even do part-time home school and make an impact on their children's lives and futures.
  2. five_blessed's Avatar
    Great article, Jamie!
  3. thegaddy5's Avatar
    I so agree... it is up to parents and the children themselves to make sure that the best education possible is given! Sounds great! Thanks so much for your comments!!