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Trunk or Treat

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by , 10-26-2012 at 07:00 AM (3809 Views)
Yesterday was our local homeschool group's annual trunk or treat party. Every year we get together for a holiday party. All the kids and some of the parents come in costume. We meet in a local park. Everyone brings treats to share and extra snacks. We collect food for a local food pantry. This year was no exception. After a great round of toss the candy into the pumpkin. And a wonderful game of toilet paper mummies. And a few other games. All the parents go stand by the trunks of their cars and we trunk or treat. The kids file by all of the cars to collect their treats. Then the real fun begins. Most of the kids dump out their bags of candy into a pile and sort through to pick out their favorites. Then they take the things they don't like and the trading begins. Did you know it takes four jolly ranchers to equal one almond joy bar. And that's the treat size bar. You can get three lolly pops for two laffy taffy. The next hour is spent with the trading and snacking. Then the kids take off for the play ground. That's when the real party begins. The moms get to sit and relax and chat about their lives, their kids, their problems, whatever they want. For me that's the best part.
This must be the year of the ninja. I think there were at least ten ninjas at our party. There was only one witch that I saw. There was the cutest little giraffe. I saw a Raggety Anne and a sailor boy. There was a lovely ballerina and a little cowboy. The costumes were great.
I love this kind of Halloween Party. What do you do to celebrate Halloween at your house? Do you have a party with your homeschool group? Do you go out trick or treating? Or do you not celebrate the holiday at all? Do you have a Harvest Party rather than a Halloween Party?