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Vacation Time

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by , 07-13-2012 at 07:28 AM (3801 Views)
Tomorrow my husband and son are leaving for vacation. They are going to a rocket conference first and then they are going hiking in the mountains. Since my son was about three years old he has been building rockets. They be long to a couple of different rocket clubs and go off two or three times a week to launch rockets with their friends.

This weekend they will join with thousands of other amateur rocketeers to launch rockets, build rockets, discuss rockets, buy rockets, and enjoy the experiences of other rocketeers. It is a awesome learning opportunity for my son as he can learn from other experts in the field and not just from Dad.

On Monday they will go off to the Catskills to hike in the mountains for a few days. Every year a small group of friends go off to hike, usually in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This year, they will be hiking in the Catskills instead.

So where does that leave me, the homeschooling mom, the one who is responsible for the child 24/7. The one who never gets a break. I"M ON VACATION. I don't have to do anything for anyone for an entire week. I have a little bit of sewing to catch up on but it probably won't take more than an hour. There is a bit of painting to finish up in our newly remodeled kitchen, but that won't take half an hour. So I have a whole week with only 1.5 hours of work to do. And if I don't get the painting done, who cares. I"M ON VACATION. Wow, I'm going to sleep late and stay up late. I'm going to watch "Chick Flicks" to my heart's content. I'm going to cook my favorite vegetarian dishes without worrying about who is not going to like it. It's going to be so relaxing, right?

I reality I will probably spend the entire week worrying about what my son is doing, if he is happy, if he is eating properly. I'm just not used to not having him at my side all the time.

What do you do when you have time away from your little ones? Are you able to relax and enjoy the time off? Or do you spend the whole time worrying about them and what they are doing?
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