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What Do You Think of School Dress Codes?

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by , 08-24-2012 at 07:42 AM (4355 Views)
Yes i know that most of the readers of this list are homeschoolers. But there has been a lot of controversy lately about school dress codes. I wanted to know what the rest of you think about dress codes and whether or not we should have them.

The last article that prompted this post was about a five year old boy in Oklahoma who wore a Michigan shirt to school. He was told to turn it inside out or go home. This was his favorite shirt. He did not know it depicted a ports team. He just liked the colors. Apparently in Oklahoma it is against the dress code to wear any school colors other than Oklahoma schools. This is especially true if you wear a Texas school shirt.
In Mississippi, a 13 year old was wearing a Marine Corp shirt to give support to his brother who is currently serving in Afghanistan. The teachers in the school were offended by the rear view of the Marine Corp bull dog on the back of the shirt. He also was told to turn the shirt inside out or go home.
A Stockton, California mother was arrested after a discussion with the school principal about his son's skull and cross bones shirt got heated. Apparently she ended up punching the principal, several times.

A three year old in Texas was refused admittance into a private preschool unless his mother agreed to cut his long hair. The school did not notify the mother until after she had paid several thousand dollars tuition which of course was nonrefundable. She asked why will wasn't mentioned at any of the numerous meetings with school officials before they paid for the school. They would only reply, "It's in the manual." Even when she stated that it violated her religious beliefs to cut her son's hair, they refused to admit him.

Another Texas child was forced to sit in the principal's office all day every day until the mother agreed to cut his long hair. His mother chose to homeschool him instead.

A Pennsylvania school district has banned breast cancer awareness bracelets because they have the word "boobies" on them. Hand holding has been banned in Tennessee because it is unwanted sexual activity. Hugging is now banned in several states in the name of protecting personal space and "unsuitable interactions." Red ink is banned in Australia and the U.K. because it is too confrontational. Black make-up is banned in Ohio because it violates the code against extreme or distracting make-up.

In other schools yoga pants are banned because they are too tight. You also can't wear skinny jeans because the are too sexual. But the answer is not to wear baggy pants because the are too distracting and interfere with learning.
Silly Bandz have been banned because they are a distraction in school. Oh and I love this one, Best Friends are banned in order to not hurt anyone's feelings.

Balls are banned in Toronto and skateboards and bicycles are banned in New York. Bake sales are banned because they have no nutrition. And milk is banned because of high sugar content and high animal protein that affects bone health.
I'm sure the list goes on and on. It makes one wonder just what our school children are supposed to eat, drink, wear, or play with. It makes me very glad that I homeschool. We can go to school in our pajamas, celebrate whatever holidays we want, and eat our favorite foods. What do you think about all of these bans in the public schools? Do you have children that are being affected by these rules?


  1. thegaddy5's Avatar
    As a former principal, I can see this both ways. In today's society clothing has become a huge status symbol. In the large classroom setting what kids are wearing really can distract from learning. (ie. teens killing for a pair of Nike shoes or the poor kid never having friends because he doesnt wear the "in" clothes.) We switched to uniforms at our school, and it made a huge difference. No one cared about what each other wore, and they thought more about learning.

    On the other hand, homeschooling is great because you can wear whatever you want! I wouldn't trade it for anything!
  2. MamaToHerRoo's Avatar
    When my daughter was in public school (kindergarten and 1/2 of 1st grade) she wore khaki skirts jumpers, shorts, or pants with a navy blue or white polo shirt, no logos. I didn't have a problem with this. Every child wore exactly the same thing. I think school uniforms work because they level the playing field. All kids are just alike as far as attire is concerned. At the same time, it is just one more place where the school system removes individuality and tries to make every one equal.
    I know, in one sentence I approved of everyone being alike and in the next I don't approve of everyone being made the same.
    I can certainly see the benefit of negating the effects of clothing as a status symbol, and standardizing what children wear to school, yet I also see where being able to express oneself by attire might help a child's sense of individuality.
    So, all in all, I don't know where I stand, I'm conflicted!
    The good thing is I homeschool and my child can wear anything she wants, including pj's all day if that suits her mood, or her Hogwart school robe and costume.
  3. Unregistered's Avatar
    When my kids were in Public school I wished for a dress code, it would have been easier.
    The excuse for individualism is silly, because if you look, teens all want the same kind of clothes their friends are wearing.
    Now that we homeschool dress is a non issue. YEA!!!!!