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Why Do We Have to Learn All This Stuff?

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by , 12-07-2011 at 05:20 AM (2163 Views)
Why Do We Have to Learn All This Stuff?
by Jamie
Hmmm... is this something you hear often? I have six children, so it is a frequent question around our house. Yet, as a dilligent homeschool mom, it almost breaks my heart. I want so badly to have my children love learning simply for the sake of learning. Of course, I know the old saying applies here... "More is caught than taught.", but I sure do try to apply it at our house. I love learning... in fact, I am the one who typically wants to know why and how everything works. If I don't, I'll die trying to find out. How do you instill this in a child's heart, or is it just an innate part of ourselves? That's a question to ponder...

I do know that learning is vital to our existence, and everything a child is taught should have significance. So, "Why DO we have to learn all this stuff?" When I answer their "big question" I can tell them exactly why they need to learn! The language arts enable us to communicate effectively. Science helps us understand truth and the world around us, while math teaches us to think logically. Finally, history empowers us with lessons learned from the past. All these aspects of knowledge and understanding serve to grow and prepare the learner to reach their potential in the our present world and the one to come.

That's definitely good reason to "learn this stuff!"