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Homeschooling + Extrended Family = Frustration?

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by , 12-20-2010 at 08:41 PM (4475 Views)
Family Traditions or Family FEUD?

"Tis The Season" for Family Fun or Family Feud depending on your circumstances. Some of our biggest discussions over on our forums have been from broken-hearted homeschool mama's who feel frustration at family gatherings due to unkind comments or actions by family members. These hurtful comments come from moms, aunts, uncles, dads who are often frustrated themselves because they do not understand their adult child's decision to homeschool.

Moms have shared how their children are quizzed and/or questioned. Others have found their children being coached on how to tell them their parents they should go back to school. One of the best discussions came when one of our very own homeschool moms talked about how she was one of "those" family members before she understood the ins-and-outs of home education. She helped us to see that many times unlovely actions are motivated by complete lack of understanding. She said not only did she not understand how it worked, but also she didn't understand the "heart" of why you would want to homeschool.

Don't let frustration reign or tempers soar at your gathering. Here are some tips to help you have the best family Christmas possible!


1- Quizzing of children- (Warm Smile) I'm sorry Aunt Betsy but the kids are on break from school. Can I get you a soda?

Keep a smile on your face as you lovingly, but firmly put a stop to it right at the beginning.
2- Rude Comments- Mom I love you and I'm so sorry that you don't understand the decision we've made for our family, but we are just going to have to agree to disagree about this subject. However, today is not the day. Let's wave a white flag and just enjoy celebrating. Can I get you a soda?

Other Idea's
Something that has really helped our family is our family blog. I began it back in 2006 and I am pretty faithful to record our daily activities. I use lots of pictures that bring to life what our homeschool/family time looks like.

I remember my mom joking with me several years ago that she loved my blog and could definitely see that the kids do not just sit in the house all day. (roll eyes)

If you have been wanting to get serious about your blogging, Time4Learning is starting up a brand new blogging course. I have personally been through it and learned so much. (even though I had already been blogging for several years at that point) Scrapbooking does the same thing, but it's not as easy to send via e-mail, LOL!

Blogging Course

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  1. thegaddy5's Avatar
    Great article Mary... I am so blessed to have a family who thinks homeschooling is the best for our children.
    But I do want to say - blogging is a great way to show everyone what goes on inside a homeschooling home... and the blog writing course... EXCELLENT... I also took it!
  2. five_blessed's Avatar
    Oooh...GREAT IDEA, Mary! Well, TWO great ideas! I never thought about blogging as a way to let family members 'see' what goes on in our homeschool! I've blogged for a while also, so I have never really thought about a blogging course. It couldn't hurt, huh? Thanks for the ideas! You're awesome!