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Tips To Attend Convention And Stay ON BUDGET!

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by , 04-19-2011 at 04:00 AM (2952 Views)

1- Room with your girlfriends and split the cost!

2- Stay off site at a more affordable hotel.
(I can’t seem to make myself do this, but if it was between not being able to go I would surely do it)

3- BRING YOUR OWN WATER!!!! For the cost of two waters purchased onsite you can buy an entire flat and bring it with you.

4- Bring your own snacks!

5- Regarding purchasing curriculum- Use one day to browse, collect information, go back to your room and read or talk over with your friend or spouse. Then the following day if you feel comfortable go back and make your purchases. It does oftentimes save money to purchase at the event.


  1. DBalt's Avatar
    Or purchase at a used curriculum sale... We are having ours here right before our state convention... which is awesome!
  2. MamaMary's Avatar
    I LOVE Used Curriculum Sales but I still do the convention so the speakers can fill my cup with inspiration, information and excitement! (smile)