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what can i do? is it to late!

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by , 03-26-2015 at 08:42 AM (16420 Views)
so at the first of the year my kids thought T4L was a game and they would speed throw it. so one night going throw and looking at this i decided to buckle down on them. i make them sit so i can see what they are doing but somehow my middle child still slipped one by me you know the search glass thing at the bottom of the screen he has been typing numbers in there and doing work from other grades so what do i do now? school is almost done for the year. i can make him go all summer but i can not even till what his real grade is cause of all the other work from other grades. he has done work in his own grade but when you check there scores they do not just give them to you for there grade level it is everything they have done. i need real help has anyone been throw this that can help me. pleases do if you have i am listening i am so worried!!!


  1. YennyT4L's Avatar
    Please contact the support team. They will be able to review the account with you and assist you with setting up an activity planner to get your student on a schedule so that he's done with the RIGHT grade level by the end of this year. They are in the office from M- Th 8:30am - 7 pm EST and Fridays 8:30- 6pm EST. 888-771-0914