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The first of many Posts!

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by , 08-19-2013 at 11:39 PM (3456 Views)
First off, I'm a horrid speller and my grammar sucks. That's why my husband deals with the English. My name is Lisa and I home-school my only son Miguel, who is 11 years old. This blog will be as much about navigating home school as it is about navigating Serious mental illness within a family.
My husband and I have bipolar and my son is labeled ADHD as his psychiatrist isn't in a hurry to change his diagnosis. We also have several other quirks that can interfere with daily life. This past year's events, several conversations with various professionals and a lot of debate about our families future has lead us back to time-4-learning. I think it's very important to try and have a blog that can show home schooling can successfully be done while both the parents and child have a mental illness. I have not found very many blogs dealing with these combined issues. So I'll try!

Our days generally consist of appointments, co-ops / home-school activities, and working school stuff in all before Miguel's friends get home from school . Feel free to ask anything that I may have forgot or you're curious about.

Current moods:
Me- sick but stable
Husband- stable
Son- stable
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