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Lessons Plans that Work for Our Family!

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by , 09-09-2010 at 08:25 PM (5869 Views)
Some people have asked how we do lesson plans. Some people print out the Lessons Plans from the site. But for us that just did not work.

Some people just let their kids follow the arrows and just do one lesson a day. Again that did not work for us.
The key here is to find what will work for us, every family is different and this just happens to work for our family and I wanted to share it with all of you.

I started out our school year w/ a planner that was different then what we used last year and after spending $20.00 on that planner it did not work for us. Sooooo in our area we have teacher appreciation days at Office Depot and Staples. This year Office Depot gave away FREE Lesson Planners for Teachers. It was exactly what I needed. So here is what our lesson plan looks like.

What I do is every Sunday I write down the basic info of what is needed to be done daily. The number of lessons my son does a day might be different everyday. It just depends on the layout of the lessons. Here is a better picture.

Since the lessons don't have numbers on them where the kids read them, (one of the reason we do not print out the lesson plans from the site) I try to shorten the name written on each lesson in the planner. This also gives me a chance to look at the lessons ahead of my son to see what all he is going to be doing. What might he need help w/. Like in his Language Arts Ext. I try to help my son out w/ a little extra help since this is his weakest subject. You might see the 2P and 3P that is where I have tried to help my reluctant writer to write his work. I have gone through the lesson and written the directions for writing the paragraph out on paper in his 3 ring binder. 2P means there are 2 pages too look for in his binder or 3 pagers to look for in his binder. 1L - 1Q means 1 Lesson and 1 Quiz is expected to be done. I go back and write the score % or a check mark in each box. If my son does not get above a 70% he has to re-do the quiz. You might see two scores in one box where that has happened.

Here is the other side of the planner.

Here you will see where we add Spelling and Chapter Book Reading/Paragraph writing along w/ Bible. If you see an X in his box; that means he did not do them and they need to be done next week on Monday. He We only do school 4 days a week. That is why you do not see any work on Friday. The last box is where my son reads a chapter book and writes a paragraph about what he had just read. It is a way to confirm he is reading his chapter daily. (he hates to read) You will see a few /'s through that one cause we finished that book and we started up a new book the next week.

This is the same way we did this last year and as I said it earlier I tried to change it but why change it if what we were doing works!
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    Sorry about the extra picture. I did not know how to remove them.
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    Brandy, I LOVE this!
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    This was very helpful to me, I am a new homeschool mother and appreciate the advice on planning! GREAT STUFF!