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Using the History Channel

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by , 12-15-2011 at 03:07 PM (2512 Views)
Last night while the boys were playing I came across on the H2 (History Channel) a program called 'how the states got their shape'.
I was pleased to see that they talked about the colonial times which my 7th grader was currently studying in Social Studies.
It was wonderful how the events on the program said a lot of the same things the lessons did.
It really tied it all together.
Now since I had him watch that this morning over breakfast we were able to skip doing a Social Studies lesson today.
It sort of mixed it up a little and gave him a break from all the reading/listening which can be too much stimuli for him.
I know the series is still on and will be repeated. I DVR'ed them to use for another time.
It ties history, science and entertainment all in one. A nice break for both of us.