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Just another Manic Monday ...

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, 01-25-2010 at 09:00 AM (3910 Views)
Is it just me, or are Mondays the WORST possible thing to happen during the week? gah I hate Monday's. Sunday's are never our day of rest, so Monday's end up becoming a day of recovery ... but no one else on the planet gets that. Its very rare that I don't start my Monday without the phone ringing or insistent emails or a kid running around all crazy-like.

Today was no different. I had to be at the bank at 8am to make a deposit because a withdrawal was made over the weekend that shouldn't have been and we didn't want bouncy checks to start our week. Joy. Now I've got to decide how to manage the rest of our day. I've got to go babysit a friend's child later this afternoon, and sometime between now and then I've got to get some organization infused back into this house ... it was completely destroyed over the weekend.

And on top of all that ... Mace has decided that the whole process of cutting teeth is so bothersome, that he's not going to take a break, he's just going to bullnose his way thru the entire process. He's now on his fourth tooth breaking thru in just a couple of weeks. He is one cranky wet baby.

Ugh. Time to face the music ... its just another manic Monday (whoa-ooooo-ooooooo) ... wish it were Sunday, cuz that's my fun day ....