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Scouting trips count as educational days!

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, 02-02-2010 at 11:18 AM (2724 Views)
One of the coolest things that we learn while homeschooling is that EVERYTHING becomes an educational experience. I just had this realization rear up -again- and hit me in the face. This past weekend, we had a Cub Scout campout - and it was a BLAST!! Even more fun than the actual camping, was knowing that I could go home and write up a report on what Jack had accomplished, and be able to file it in his school folder - as well as his scouting book. For those of you that have to have a minimum number of days spent actually learning, don't forget to count your scouting trips. On the ride home, we ended up having an entire conversation about moss and why it grows, how it grows, what bugs live in them, etc. We talked about the animals he saw on his night hike, and their habitats. I'm proud to say that my son knows more about his local environment than lots of other kids his age. He has a community, an honor system, and has decided he wants to be military bound - wants to be an engineer.

Do you have a Scout? What have you learned?