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, 01-26-2010 at 08:58 PM (3469 Views)
Is it just me, or does it seem that as soon as you get a problem solved, it rears its ugly head and messes with you again? I could have sworn that we had finally gotten over the hump with him fighting me over doing his journal, and today the battle returned. He sat there and steadfastly refused to complete his journal assignment as I asked him to. To me, this becomes a matter of disobedience and not just hating an assignment. Makes me nuts. And, because irony is never far from any aspect of my life, the topic of today's journal was being considerate to others. -sigh- So now, his Lego's have been taken away from him indefinitely ... until he can do an assignment without disobeying me, and can not treat his younger siblings like they are his personal slaves.

Now ... don't get me wrong ... I have no problem with him "questioning" his assignments. I don't want him to be soooo obedient that he never questions anyone anything at all - there are going to be times in his life when he NEEDS to!! But there's a huge difference between discussing an assignment with me and outright refusing to do it.

This was a baaad homeschooling day. I'm so glad it is over ... and I can't wait to try again tomorrow!