February 2002 was the first annual Bake for Family Fun Month. The Home Baking Association has dedicated this occasion to the great taste, good nutrition, economy and family fun of home baking. In addition to enjoying family time together and the delicious results, baking with your children also gives you the opportunity to teach math, nutrition and the history and culture of food. Beyond that, little ones can enhance their motor skills as they pour and measure. Older siblings can compare prices of home-baked goods with ready-made and learn how to budget for meals. Kids of any age can enjoy the colors, smells and textures of foods and express themselves by selecting creative options. Why not gain the benefits of Bake for Family Month for your own family by celebrating the occasion this year? You just might start a new family tradition!

Share a recipe that your family loves to bake together! Someone else might just enjoy it as much as you!