Can I stay register with a coverschool outside of Alabama?
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    Question Can I stay register with a coverschool outside of Alabama?

    Hi, I'm currently registered with a cover school that is outside of Alabama. Does anyone know if I need to find one within the state, or can I just continue with my current school?


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    I couldn't find out that information for you. Is your cover school considered a distance learning school? From what I can tell there is not a homeshooling law in Alabama. The best I can describe it is that your children have to be "homeschooled" as a satellite campus of a church school. Or they can go to a private school. So if your current out of state cover school is either a church school or a private school you might be ok. I would recommend talking to your local homeschool group, the department of education, and if still in doubt, maybe HSLDA.

    If anyone has any light the can shed on this please hop right in and share!!
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