Can you homeschool other kids?
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    Question Can you homeschool other kids?

    Does the law allow a mother to homeschool her child as well as a few other kids without a teaching certificate or degree? We live in Alabama of course. I do know as a law it is illegal to babysit any child unrelated to you for more than 4 hours a day without being licensed as a home daycare. I know this b/c I had a daycare for just over 4 years. I gave it up in November last year. Thanks for anyone who might know!

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    Below is a section that comes from the Alabama law regarding educating children. I would interpret this to mean that a certificate would be required if you are not a parent teaching under the church tutorial law, especially if you are considering it on a full time basis and the children are not your own. However, this is not intended as legal advice, so if you still have concerns, you should contact someone that you trust to answer that question.

    You might consider contacting the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association). They have experienced attorneys in the homeschooling arena and could quickly and easily answer your questions. You can click on the HSLDA above, highlighted in blue, to go to the organization's web site.

    I hope this helps! It would be nice to know what you determine or find out! So, please stop back by and give us an update!

    Have a great day!

    16-28-5. Private Tutor.
    Instruction by a private tutor means and includes only instruction by a person who holds a certificate issued by the state superintendent of education and who offers instruction in the several branches of study required to be taught in the public schools of this state, for at least three hours a day for 140 days each calendar year, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., and who uses the English language in giving instruction. Such private tutor shall, prior to beginning the instruction of any child, file with the county superintendent of education, where his place of instruction is in territory under the control and supervision of the county board of education, or the city superintendent of schools, where his place of instruction is in territory under the control and supervision of a city board of education, a statement showing the child or children to be instructed, the subjects to be taught and the period of time such instruction is proposed to be given. Such tutor shall keep a register of work, showing daily the hours used for instruction and the presence or absence of any child being instructed and shall make such reports as the state board of education may require. (School Code 1927, Section 303; Code 1940, T. 52, Section 300.)

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