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    Happy Fall to all!

    The air is becoming crisp. The leaves are beginning to change colors. Children and parents have found their back-to-school routines. Sure signs of fall are all around!

    With Fall comes many favorite activities for families. Although many families celebrate Halloween, it is our tradition to celebrate "Fall Harvest". Every year in late October, we pick a great spot on the "back forty" of our farm. We spend a couple of days clearing limbs, piling up wood for a fire, and making a ring of seats out of old logs. A long table is set up and covered with a festive tablecloth and later supplied with scrumptious Fall harvest foods. And yes, we usually have a super-sized carved pumpkin (with a funny face or a Bible verse) sitting in the middle. When all the guests arrive close to dusk, we load up all the children and parents on a hay wagon and make the trip to our designated "spot". With the fire already glowing in the distance, everyone is truly excited about the coming events long before we make it to the camp fire. Games are usually varied from year to year. Most everyone enjoys singing around the camp fire and roasting marshmallows for those awesome smores! It's a ton of fun!

    I would love to hear how each of you spend time with your family and friends during this colorful time of year! In the coming days, I will be posting a few of our favorite recipes from our "Fall Harvest Celebration". I hope you enjoy them!

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    Oops!....See, everyone makes mistakes!! Just wanted you guys to know that the FALL TRADITIONS post came from me. I failed to sign in and it was logged as a "guest". Blessings! Rhonda

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