First time homeschoolers
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    We are new to homeschooling and T4L. I have 3 girls to teach and a little boy (and boy-o-boy is he ALL boy) I have absolutely no idea about homeschooling but decided this was the best option for my girls. How do we meet other homeschoolers in our area; plan field trips/days out, etc..... Any help or suggestions would be great. THANKS

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    Your local library would be a good place to start. They may have activities scheduled weekly or monthly for homeschoolers. Great place to meet.

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    Have you looked for a homeschooling support group in your area? Do an internet search to see if you can find one that is local to you. Also ask at your local library, sometimes they can point you toward other homeschoolers. A homeschool support group will be a great place to find playmates as well as others to share field trips with. One other place you might check is with your cover (Church) school. They might be able to point you toward a group that does fieldtrips.
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