I received the following email regarding a trip being planned to the Grand Canyon, along with other stops across the country. This would be an excellent trip and with this much advance planning, hopefully very affordable. If you are interested, contact information is listed below.

I hope everyone is excitedly planning to attend Bethany Learning Academy's

"Caravan of Homeschoolers Far and Wide"

Open to all homeschooling regardless of church school, county, or even state!

This spring will be our first annual caravan to an amazing place!

The Grand Canyon.

We are planning to cut across the southern states on our way there, and cut across the possible nothern states on our way back.

This trip is tentatively planned for the week of March 15th. We will have a meeting online with those interested in planning tour stops on the way to and fro.

Currently, we have a tour guide who has volunteered to plan a visit to the the US Mint in Denver. There are only 2 places in the country that mint coins, I think this would be an amazing opportunity.
http://www.usmint.gov/kids/ and http://www.usmint.gov/mint_tours/index. ... eservation
There are other attractions our guide is working on for Denver. He is also making arrangements for us to have a LOCK-IN at a church in Denver so we have a reduced cost for the trip.

I am making connections in a couple of other states as well for tours.

Please join a planning committee to help this tour of our great country.

Planning will include but is not limited to:

contacting churches from our list for "lock-ins" or rest stops.
planning the route through certain areas to make to most of our scenic experience.
development of short interactive lesson plans for significant attractions (fun stuff not writing)
Planning food and picnic stops.
An emergency plan in case someone's car breaks down, someone is injured, or illness strikes.
1. tow hitch, chains, fix-a-flat, air compressor, first aid kits, blankets, flashlights... etc.
2. two-way radios in the event we need to communicate with no cell phone service.

We can also pull together for a "carpooling" meeting to make the most of our vehicle space.
I would like to pull a trailer or two with coolers/tents/food/and supplies.

Our goal is to make touring our country, fun and affordable.

Please join our planning period. Let's show the country how amazing HOMESCHOOLING is!

Contact Billie Glazier


[email protected]

In Christ,
Billie Glazier