Hampers to Homeschooling
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    Unhappy Hampers to Homeschooling

    Alabama is a very "homeschooling friendly" state, but I was just wondering if any of you have run across any "hampers to homeschoolling"? Any frustrations or rocks you've run up against?

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    Default homeschool rocks..

    I have just completed my first homeschooling year and I have to say I love love love it. It was amazing to witness first hand my child learning, reading, and making friends. But one rock I have run into is the preconceived notions that people have about homeschooling. I remember it was the weekend before public school started and we were at a birthday party at a friends beach house. This friend also happened to be a public school teacher and actually had taught my own husband when he was in highschool. His wife asked if we were excited about starting school tomorrow and I told her that we had planned to wait until september. She looked at me with a confused expression adn I explained that we were planning to homeschool. I spent the next half hour listening to a lecture of how she didn't agree with homeschooling and that it was selfish and that I needed to let go as a mother and on and on.....I was able to keep myself together, Praise God. I just politely nodded and offered an occasional "yes, I understand." and "I know it's not for everyone".... I just figured that it was no accident that this happened the weekend before we would have, had we chose public school, started kindergarten. The way I look at it is this was something that my husband and I have put a lot of thought into and felt lead by God to do....I had a feeling that someone was challenging me and it wasn't the Lord lol... My husband got temporarily transfered to Panama City Beach for 6 months shortly after we started our homeschooling year....I think about that now and I wonder- what would we have done had we let this woman influence our decision...we would be stuck here without my husband for 6 months! I just hate how people seem to think that by me making a choice for my family such as decideding to homeschool...they think it's an automatic judgement on their particular choice. Not true.
    I also get annoyed by the idea that people think we are- and I'm gonna say the "s" word..."unSocialized" lol....It's totally not true! I get all the time.."oh, but doesn't she need to have friends her own age?" and "what about socialization" I say thats what homeschool co-ops and/or clubs are for! Our homeschool club has gotten so large, now hundreds of families, it has had to split into geographical sections! There is alway something amazing to participate in...daily. And they don't miss out on a thing! We have band, chior, piano, voice, sports, graduation ceremonies, even prom!! So from now on when people mention the "s" word...I say "Socialization? Yeah we used to have a problem with that....but now I just try to solve it by limiting our activities to one a day!"

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