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    Question help!!!

    Hello everyone!! I have a question... in Alabama, the only thing reported to the state is attendance, correct??

    With that being said, what is the required amount of days, and if you go over that many days via the "attendance report" on T4L.. do they begin the next level? Also, how can children advance to the next grade within the same grade year? Sorry, just baffling to me lol

    We've had an absolutely AMAZING experience with T4L and am very excited to see what the future holds!! Thank you!

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    Hi Lori,
    While it is true that all we report is attendence, this shoud be done through your church (umbrella) school.

    There are exceptions, but as a general rule you don't "homeschool" in Alabama, you "church school".

    That being said, check with your church or umbrella school on this, they should be able to give you an answer on this.

    If you are not under a church school, then you probably need to find one.

    Like I said, there are ways to homeschool in AL witout a church school, but they are not easy and require much more jumping through hoops.

    My church school is very hands off, they only want m to report unexcused absences, and since I say whether the absence from my homeschool is unexcused or not, my daughter has perfect attendence. We homeshool year round, so we often do more than one grade in a "school year". So far we have had no problems with the state or our church school.

    Hope this helps, if you have other questions please don't hesitate to ask.
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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