Greetings Everyone,
I am a new homeschooler who just began this journey this week. My son was in a catholic school because I was educated through the Catholic school system as a child. Boy!...things have really changed. Teachers are not the same anymore. I thought by placing my child in a chrisitan environment he would learn or have the morals and principles I was taught reinforced at school. I was so wrong and very disappointed. My child has always been an exceptional student ranked in the top of his class. He would finish his work early, make good grades on his exams and win spelling bee's, however, I was told he had a behavior problem and that we should consider having him tested for ADHD. My reply was that he was not being challenged enough and that maybe he was bored, but of course they did not want to hJear that. They treated him so bad until he would beg me to stay at school with him because he said the teachers were much nicer when I was around. I could go on and on but I'm not. After speaking with the principal several times about my son's concerns and my concerns, nothing was done. She reassured me that the teachers would never mistreat any child. The last straw was when my son informed me that he attempted to ask his teacher a question by walking to her desk and she told him to go sit back down or else she would write him up. OMG!!!!! After that I decided to go. It was either leave or go straight to jail without a pass. I was livid!!!!
After praying and loosing rest over a solution to the problem because this is my child's education, his future, I decided to give homeschool a try. We took a two week break to relax and forget about all of the negativity. I found out about T4L and hope this will help keep us on the right track. I am nervous but I feel this is what we need at this time. I want my child to enjoy learning and not be afraid to ask questions if he doesn't understand something. When I mention homeschooling to some people I get negative responses or frowns. I don't understand why. If you have any tips or information that you would like to share with me regarding homeschool please do so. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.
God Bless and happy Holidays!!!!!