Homeschooling info i need
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    I live in Weaver Alabama and i am looking to homeschool my 7th grader due to he is in special education and now that he is in highschool they seem to want to let him fall thru the cracks and because he is diffrent from most children he is pick on bad and the school seem to not want to do anything about it . I need to find out who i would contact to get started ? Any info will be great . Thanks

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    Start by seeing if you can find a local homeschool group near you. Then check online for umbrella schools in Alabama. You should be able to find a couple that would be willing to talk to you about what you have to do to get started. While homeschooling is legal in the state of Alabama, most people have to go the umbrella school route. The other option is a private tutor. That person does have to be a certified teacher in the state though.
    You can also check the Welcome to Homeschooling Guide. Those are some places to start, then you might have more specific questions that we can address. Good luck!
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