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    Hello. We have spent a week in AL public schools and we are ready to scream. I have a special needs 9 yr old and I am still trying to get an appt to set up her IEP. My high schooler is begging me to pull her out and that means giving up band, something she loves. We went from an amazing school in VA, which had only 200 students in the HS, to a HS with over 2K. There are already discipline problems in the classroom, and on the first day! My children are just not used to that.
    I found an umbrella school that will allow me to pay the fee, take attendance and grades and report twice a year. My question is, since they have no curriculum and are basically being a true umbrella school, how would Alabama view that while I have my kids enrolled in Laurel Springs a private online school at the same time? Does anyone know? I have to have a lot of structure because although I have a degree and have taught, I also suffer from ADD, and I also have a full time job which I do from home.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated,
    Thank you

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    I'm not sure why the mails from this forum are not hitting my box, but I will try to answer some of your questions.
    I think the question about how Alabama will feel about Laurel Springs and the umbrela school might be something that your umbrella school might be able to answer. Are you planning to use Time4Learning for your 9 year old? Time4Learning IS a curriculum and so there would be no conflict with the umbrella school. I'm not sure how you would work out your high schooler, but then again, the umbrella school might have an answer for you on that account. Let us know if we can help in any other way.
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    Are you Military?

    IEP's - You need an advacate or the words - "please not that in the IEP!" It is a Federal document and if they are supposed to do it - they will NOT write it down.
    Ask for a meeting every week until you get what you need - you have the right to a meeting - put everyting in writing - send it to the teach, speical ed teacher, principal and yourself and anyone else you thing will need it. HOUND them. Ask what is my child intitled too and what assessments do I need to ASK for to get the help he needs? "Please not all ansers in the IEP, so I have a copy to remind me of what to do and the TIME FRAME in which I am intitled to them." It really is the squeaky wheel that gets what they deserve in the system. what county are you in? What public school?
    My son and daughter both have Aspergers, ADHD and dyslexia - so I asked for anything - speach assessment - "social skills" is a biggy and how much out of class time are they going to give to that - you do NOT have to go along with what they suggest. If they say, we cna't do that many session a week, smile and say, "Could you please not that in the IEP!" Phyical Therapy is another thing to ask for an assessment on. They assess your childs ability in a lot of areas you may not have realized are related. I discovered through that assessment, that my son have a visual perception level of 14 years at 6 yrs old! I thought, "what do I do with that!"
    But he qualified later for help because his handwriting is so bad. He is 9 also.

    Please excuse spelling and mistypes - I have been ill and am tired and should be in bed.

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