My girls (6 and 7) and I recently moved to Alabama from Florida due to my pending divorce. I am actually located near the AL/MS border. I have found a home I wish to purchase in MS, which if that pans out, I will have to end up home schooling my daughters. That being said... while in Alabama, I have found Alabamas educational system to be close to appalling. Work in public school is not sent home unless requested... I cannot even really tell what is going on with how my child is being taught or if she is really learning anything... I only have free access to grades put in the grade book... which as far as I can tell has been two assignments for each subject in a little over a months time.. one subject, my oldest got a grade for going on a field trip? I was told if there is a problem with my kids grades, I will be NOTIFIED.. which disgusts me as a parent. I feel like I should be the one to draw where the line of a problem is. I feel it is my RIGHT as a parent.

Alas, as far as national averages go, MS is not any better. Which is why I am here... to supplement and then to hopefully maintain a curriculum with my daughters. At this point, I am slightly overwhelmed even after reading through the start guide and posts here. I only want the best education for my child... Does anyone else have doubts about their ability to provide a sufficient education for their children? I have doubt in myself, but even moreso, the public education provided here in Alabama and Mississippi. Talking to teachers here in Mobile, most 2nd graders read on a Kindergarten level! Any words of encouragement or even links to educational sites are welcome (already have time4writing and art and music learning games).