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    Hello. I am new to homeschool and i dont know how to begin to withdrawl my son from school and how to procees further. Could someone in alabama give me some directions?


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    Default Alabama homeschooling

    It's not to hard to withdraw your child. You should be able to see the counselor who should have a list of schools that are accredited so your child gets credit for the work. A time for learning is not accredited but anyways talk to the counselor and they can help you.

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    I also live in Alabama and what we did was talk to the school's counselor , she gave us a list of schools that are accredited. The counselor should be able to help you with the steps of withdrawing your child.

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    Hi. ShawnaLynn's advice is great if you are interested in withdrawing your child from public school and enrolling him or her in another school choice (online or otherwise).

    Online schools and other accredited schools are not homeschooling, however, because a third party is directing the student's education. The third party must follow the school laws in the school's state, which certainly much longer and generally much more restrictive than homeschool laws. The third party will choose your child's curriculum and will determine the pace at which your child must work.

    It is common for people to mistakenly refer to enrollment in an online school as "homeschooling", but that is an error. In homeschooling, the parent directs the student's education. The parent is responsible for following the homeschool laws in the student's state of residence. Homeschool laws are generally designed to assure that the student is actually learning, and not to dictate how you must teach. Virtually no state tells you what curriculum you must use (although a very few want you to tell them what you are using).

    Time4Learning is not an online school. Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum, so the parent is the teacher of record and directs the student's education. We do encourage you to follow the homeschool laws in your state, but we do not oversee that. We allow anyone to sign up at any time.

    You should be able to simply withdraw the child from school without giving any information about your future intentions (although you may later wish to obtain a copy of the child's school records for yourself).

    Alabama is one of very few states that does not have a homeschool law. If you wish to homeschool in Alabama, you have to set yourself up as a private school.

    Homeschooling as a private school:
    A private school is established, conducted, and supported by a nongovernmental entity or agency offering educational instruction in grades K–12 or any combination thereof, including preschool, through onsite or home programs. A home may be the location where a child receives instruction as a student attending a private school. A parent may establish a private school in the home.

    1. Register the private school.

    An Alabama statute requires private schools to register every year by October 10 with the Alabama Department of Education on a state form. The Registration form includes providing school statistics such as the number of instructors and enrolled students, student attendance, course of study, length of term, cost of tuition, funds, value of property, and the general condition of the private school.
    2. Comply with private school reporting requirements.

    Five days after the start of public school, the private school must report to the county or city superintendent the names and addresses of all school-age children enrolled in the school. Thereafter, on a weekly basis, the private school must report the names and addresses of all school-age children (1) who enroll in the school, or (2) who are absent without a lawful excuse. Private schools must furnish any other reports required by the state superintendent of education or reports required by the county or city superintendent relating to the school attendance laws. Private school enrollment and absence reporting forms are available here.

    3. Keep an attendance register.

    The principal teacher of the private school must keep an attendance register for every school day of the year.

    4. Obtain proof of immunization.

    Private schools must require their students to show proof of immunization, or medical or religious exemptions from immunization.

    5. Teach Physical Education.

    Carry out a program of physical education similar to what is taught in public schools.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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