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    Just introducing ourselves. We are new at this (homeschooling and writing in a forum!) Our daughter is in the 6th grade and so far we are getting the hang of this program. Some kinks to work out but that's probably me trying to figure things out. Some questions I do have is when does Odessey Writer begin? What reading work is there? We do LA/LA Ext but haven't read any assigned reading books. Some glitches we found were while working on a math quiz it locked up and thus expired the session causing her to redo the whole thing. Any suggestions on these? Thank you!

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    Dee Dee, welcome to homeschooling and Time4Learning as well as the Alabama forum, we are glad to have you here. Odyssey Writer (OW) is available to 6th grade so if you haven't run across it yet, you probably will soon. We don't use OW at our house, my daughter prefers the functionality of MS Word when writing so we use that instead. OW doesn't go to be graded by a teacher, so since you have to grade it, use OW if you want, or use whatever word processing program fits your needs. As for the books, there is a reading list available here for 6th grade (less than half way down that page). The math quiz timing out could be any number of things, it could be the time of day, or your internet connection. If you continue to have the problem you might talk to tech support to see if they have suggestions for you, I know that having to do a math quiz over would be torture for my daughter! I hope this helped you a bit!
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