New to TL - excited but nervous
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    Smile New to TL - excited but nervous

    I am new here but happy to be here and have the support TL is currently providing. I have a 12yo daughter who is very bright but absolutely detests school and balks at the mere suggestion of anything school like. For her first year we participated in a local Classical Conversations group. When it moved to another location the next year I decided to just do things at home. Her resistance has made it very difficult for me to follow through. I am concerned about her actual level of learning. She's an excellent reader but likely very behind in math. She hates handwriting, but enjoys writing stories. But ever writing task seems daunting to her, even if only a sentence or two. I am at a loss as to how I can make sure she is "caught up" because at some point we hope to move and when there is a good school available we would like to put her in school She would like this too because she is such a social butterfly. I guess it just comes down to my concerns of her being behind and not knowing where to go from here, how to make sure she is "caught up"
    I appreciate any advice offered.
    Thank you!

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    Hi, there. I wanted to say welcome!

    In regard to your question about making sure your student is caught up, that can be difficult. Just note that Time4Learning meets state standards (for the subjects provided), but you can also look up the typical course of study for a student in her grade level. This might help you to make sure you are covering all of your bases. Another thing to consider is that when moving to a different school, especially one in a different school system or state, they may be covering totally different topics.

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