reading difficulty need advise on 11 yr old
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    Question reading difficulty need advise on 11 yr old

    Hi I have a 11yr old son. We have been home schooling for a year and a half but we are still struggling to get these words to come out correctly. its very easy to have someone read to you and pick up on what the story is about but, im wanting for my son to be more independent at reading. We have tried all sorts of books, curriculum , hooked on phonics even took him back threw the 1st and 2nd grade reading and phonics to try to help him if n e one gas n e suggestions on what i could do it would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance

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    Default Re: reading difficulty need advise on 11 yr old

    How is your son's reading going? Is he able to understand more of what he is reading, lately? I think I can help by going to my resource pag; it's called, Tricia Cook: Independent Tutor and Consultant. Look it up on Facebook! I have all kinds of ideas to help him on my page. I hope it helps.

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