Sylacauga, Alabama NEW?
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    Default Sylacauga, Alabama NEW?

    I am wanting to home school and need an umbrella school to cover us? Any ideas?
    and could you tell me ANYTHING about homeschooling?
    I want to know as well if T4L is fully accredited in alabama?

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    T4L is not a school, it is a curriculum, and so it can't be accredited in the same way that a school can be. I can't give you a specific umbrella school but I can give you this list of Alabama homeschool groups. You might find a group that can help you get started or point you at a great umbrella school there.

    As for homeschooling in Alabama, well, legally that is not what the state calls children who are educated at home. However, be assured that homeschooling is legal in Alabama, however you will need a church school, umbrella school, or an accredited distance learning school to cover your child. It is just the way Alabama has it set up. The other alternative is a state certified teacher as a private tutor and unless you have a family member willing to do that, the cost gets prohibitive. Homeschooling in Alabama is pretty easy in comparison to some states. The key is to find an umbrella school that does things the way you want them done, on the budget you are willing to pay.
    Here is one other link with information Homeschooling in Alabama.
    If you have questions, please feel free to ask and we will do our best to answer them for you.
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