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    We are a first year homeschool family and were attending public school in another state last year. My daughter has been homeschooling since Aug. I have been trying to get her transcripts since we started school. My cover school insists they have sent for them. Her old school assures me they have been sent but I have not recieved them. Any advice on what i should do ?

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    Contact the school she went to directly. As them for a second copy. Sometimes schools don't put requests from homeschoolers, and umbrella schools (read homeschoolers) high on their priority list of things to get accomplished. I think if a school district was requesting the transcripts then you would have them already. While you have them on the phone, as them when they think they will go out, and when you can expect them. As the name of the person you are speaking to. The more accountable you can make them to you (the more information you have) the more likely you are to get results.
    Hope this helps.
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