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    My son 14 is attending a tennis academy in SC and is doing his schooling there now. He has lived there on his own(through the academy) for this past school year. He is attending a private school which is run and owned by the tennis academy. It is a great school but is really expensive with his tennis also. We live in AL and was wondering if we could get a cover school that will qualify us for him to homeschool there or would we need to change his address to his housing address there in SC and get a homeschool for SC?

    I hope I explained this so it is clear and can be understood.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Hi and welcome to Time4Learning forums. My understanding of the law is that the state he lives in would be the state he would homeschool in. That being said, if his legal residence is SC, he would need to homeschool under SC law. The problem is, I think, that AL cover schools would not have any weight in SC, and so could not legally cover him. You could check with a couple of cover schools from AL, but I believe that one way you could "homeschool" him in SC is to register him with a distance learning school, where he was not considered a homeschooler, but more like a correspondence student. Please double check with SC Dept. of Education, for homeschooling laws in SC, and maybe look up some long distance schools. For more information on homeschooling in SC you might check the South Carolina state forum. Good luck and let us know how things go.
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    Thank you for replying. I never thought of a distance school. This may work. I have contacted a couple of places and haven't got much help here in AL. I think my best bet would be to go check with SC. With the number of academies there I'm sure they have had this come up. I'll keep you posted as it may help someon in the future.

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