I am new to homeschooling. I am wondering when do most people start planing and thinking about homeschooling. Did you always know you would homeschool? When your child was 4.5 years did you just think yea lets not register them for school, I'll do it? Or maybe did it never cross your mind till you were pulling your child out of school?
(I don't mean to say any of these with a rude tone, I just have NO CLUE what's normal.)
My daughter is 14 months and I am a SAHM. It came time for the descion to be made of MDO or not because everyone is already telling me about "socialization" for her. It seems like a HUGE cross roads to me like already at this age I'm suppos to make this descion of which path we will take with her life. But I'm being told by so many people I'm really jumping the gun, she's to young for me to be thinking about this now. Which I agree with, but I cann't imagine putting this life dicision (that I know NOTHING about) off until it's time for send her to school or not.
When did you realize or start thinking about homeschooling for your family?