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    Question Advice on starting mid-year

    Hi there,
    We have been using t4l since last January and loving it. My husband & I decided after 4 years of teacher meetings, conferences with various "experts" & lots of struggling (mostly on my part) that we would pull our son out of 6th grade language arts and do it at home. He is still enrolled in the local middle school for the rest of his subjects and seems to be doing well. That said, Time4Learning has been working so well, that my son (who is very social & loves being with his school friends) is begging to do all his subjects at home. While I'm not opposed to this-we have lots of opportunities to socialize via sports, music classes & youth group-I'm not exactly sure how to start mid-quarter. He has been in school for 6 weeks already. Would I just figure out what he has already covered in school (this is not hard to do) & pick up from there? This seems the most intuitive way.

    Advice anybody?

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    Lightbulb RE:

    Great question! I'm in the same boat with my 6th grader. We are starting T4L today. I just figured we would start from the first lesson. If she breezes through if it's review and from what I can see it is different material than what was covered in her school already. I believe if you go under the activity scheduler you could set up the lesson plans where you are already at with language arts, and then start the other subjects at the beginning. It should generate a schedule for you that way--from what I could tell. I'm new to this so I am just guessing. As far as six weeks already completed in school, my daughter said most of it was testing to see where the students were at and simple review. It's not much time lost to start over. Again, the material at my daughter's public school which had been covered so far is different from the beginning lessons of T4L. They might all start with review but it is reviewing different topics. Hope that makes sense some and helps. Have fun on your new journey!


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    Welcome to both of you! I recommend you check out the Getting Started Guide to see if that helps you figure out where to begin. You're definitely not the only ones in this situation, so you might try asking what others have done over on the New Member Forum too.

    Please let me know if I can help more!
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