Anyone in AZ using T4L that is Pagan/Spiritualist?
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    Default Anyone in AZ using T4L that is Pagan/Spiritualist?

    I would love to find some other families using this curriculum who are not Christian. I must say, I don't have any objections to people who are Christian - all paths lead to the same destination! However, my beliefs are different and so are my practices. It is sometimes challenging to find like-minded people in the home-schooling arena.

    Hope to hear from some folks!


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    Hello there! Not only am I new to the site, but also to homeschooling. We are also Pagan. I have one son who is 6 years old. We decided to do homeschooling during the summer break to see how it works for us as a family since My son is having a hard time with the social aspect of his school last year. When I first started looking at groups in the area, I was also a little disappointed that nearly every group was religious (Christian, Catholic, Mormon) and would not be a fit for us. We live in the Mesa area, and would also love to hear from some people near by!


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    Hello! We're new to homeshooling- we began in November, with our 9 year old son. It's been a busy couple of months, trying to find what works for us, and settling into the flow of things, and finding other Pagans to connect with has been a bit of a challenge. We're in the Phoenix area, and the majority of our local co-ops and meet-up groups are Christian based. It would be great to hear if anyone finds other groups/resources that are pagan-based, or anyone interested in meeting up or doing field trips together!

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