Free Ranch Experience for all Home schoolers and thier families
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    Default Free Ranch Experience for all Home schoolers and thier families

    Hallelujah Horse Ranch for Youth is in Prescott, AZ. We offer a free ranch experience including horses, chickens, ducks, dogs and a tortoise so far. We are looking for a sweet miniature donkey to add to our group of wonderful animals. Our volunteers love to show the children what a horse can do and a whole new way of relating to such a big animal.

    Call ahead so we can tell the horses you are coming and give you the address and directions. We would sure love to see your group. They will have chores first then the animal experience.

    Hugs from the ranch of HOPE!
    Deborah Lindsay, Director

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    Hello Deborah,

    That sounds like fun; thanks for sharing with everyone here!
    Mom to five of the world's most incredible kids, and homeschooling all the way!

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    Default I just called there today, 5-11-12

    I just wanted to share that I called there today, and quickly asked (because they were working on the ranch when the phone was answered) if the offer for home school kids is year round and it is. I plan on calling back later this afternoon when they are not as busy.

    Hope everyone has time to check them out, they are about 2 hours from Scottsdale. It looks like a great program for all ages.

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