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    Hi, we have finally decided to remove our kids from their schools and begin home-schooling. My question is where do I start? My understanding is that you can sign up for a program like K12 that pretty much does everything for you and provides the curriculum. The other option is you buying your own curriculum and mixing and matching. My question is what's best? Education is very important to us and we desire our children to be better educated than what the current schools are doing. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, and welcome!

    K12 is not homeschooling. It is online public school, although online schools are often mistakenly referred to as "homeschooling" because the work is done at home. There is a big difference between enrolling in an online school (public or private) and actually homeschooling. So, the place to begin is probably to decide whether you want to "do school at home" or homeschool.

    In homeschooling, the parent directs the student's education. The parent decides what curriculum to use or designs their own. The parent decides how to use the curriculum they have chosen (do lessons out of order, work at a different grade level in each subject, skip lessons, repeat lessons, etc.). The parent determines the school schedule or decides just to fit lessons in as time is available. The parent is responsible for following the homeschool laws in the student's state of residence. Homeschool laws are typically designed to be sure the student is actually being taught in some manner, and not to dictate how you must teach, so there is usually a lot of flexibility. The parent is responsible for keeping records.

    In an online school, a third party directs the student's education. The third party will choose a curriculum and tell you how to use it. The third party may determine a schedule, or will let you know what your scheduling options are. The third party is responsible for following the school laws (not homeschool laws) in the school's state. School laws are designed for the "typical" student, so there is less opportunity to customize a plan for your own student. The school keeps educational records.

    Once you know the difference, you can decide which option fits your needs.

    Time4Learning is great when you begin, because the computer grades all of the online work, quizzes, and test for you. (Parents grade worksheets with the answer keys in their parent login account. Parents also grade writing assignments.) It's also great to not have to teach everything "from scratch".

    I hope this helps you get started making your decisions. Hopefully, others will be along soon with their own advice.
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