new to homeschooling, how to start
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    hello all,
    I am a stay at home dad, have been since my oldest was born and I am interested in homeschooling my 3 children age 7, 5, 5. Long story short, I am fed up with dealing with the schools. I have my kids in a charter school, my oldest son (7) is having to repeat the 1st grade because the public school (last year) only covered the first half of 1st grade material, my twins (boy/girl) are in kindergarden but are in separate rooms and one teacher has decided that my son is to "immature" to be in school so is under constant threat of being expelled if he disrupts the class. Sorry for the the rant, just wanted to provide some background.
    Anyways, my plan is to let them finish out this school year (to give me a chance to get organized) and start homeschooling them this summer. I am contacted a local homeschooling groups and they seem very knowledgable and nice. I have the books "everything a 1st grader needs to know" which looks good, lots of info. The difficulty i am having is knowing where to start, how much to cover and how fast.

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    Hello MAB,
    Welcome to the wonderful world of homeschooling! I did the same thing when I pulled my kids out of public school. I knew by January or so that I planned to pull them out, but I kept them in public school a while longer so I could research how & what to do. Time4Learning here is an excellent place to start because the scope & sequence provides a complete curriculum for each grade. You don't have to worry you're leaving out something important by going it alone, but you can also choose to supplement the T4L program with plenty of other things on your own. Since it's all online, a lot of parents here choose to supplement with a handwriting program at home. I've used several other homeschooling curricula too, right along with T4L, and it's worked well for my family. My kids have especially loved using Five in a Row, and I highly recommend it! Best wishes to you, and please post again if you have any more questions.
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    Great to hear from you. Trust me, you're not in the minority when it comes to your feelings about AZ Ed. I have been a teacher since 97 in all areas and grade levels. Everyone says charter schools are great, but watch out! You still need to do your exensive HW on them. Most have a turnover rate that will, not can but will, destroy a child's future of learning. I am finally fed up with it and after seeing what teachers and others must put up with, I know I never want my kids near the public schools again. Through homeschooling, they were light years ahead of others their age. Some good resources that will put your kids on top are the Spectrum books. They're for every grade and subject. Covering one book will cover more than a kid gets in a whole school year. Don't let them fool you. Your kids won't get eliminated from school until after the 100th day, they are worth too much $ to the school. Don't feel bad about demanding accountabiliy. They're your kids and you won't get a second change at them. Besides, you have been paying taxes, even to support your charter school. It's still your money, do what you feel is right! Let me know if you need more assistance. Thanks.

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