I am a mid-20s female adult in the Mesa area. My friends and I are interested in giving back to the community by running a scouting troop for girls age 12-18. Between the three of us, we have the following experience and resources:

- 38 months’ professional experience guiding at-risk youth off-trail in Arizona deserts
- 1 nationally certified Wilderness EMT
- 1 NOLS-trained Wilderness First Responder
- All 3 adults have current Level-1 Fingerprint Clearance cards
- 2 off-road vehicles for offering back-up support to hiking teams

We're wondering if there is interest in a such a group. We haven't picked an organization yet to found our chapter. Navigators looks interesting, but maybe a little on the easy side. Or we could found our own totally new program just for girls. We'd like to focus on offering your children:

- Weekly meetups for teaching skills
- Monthly campouts, hardcore hikes, and other adventures.
- Advanced survival skills (such as bowdrill fire)
- Wildcrafting (basic hunting, safe and sustainable harvest of wild edibles)
- Tool making (including bow & arrows, flint knapping, cordage, fishing hooks, etc)
- Respect for nature (advanced no-trace, responsible bushwacking)
- advanced off-trail orienteering and map-reading (basically, never get lost again)
- Horticulture skills when not hiking (turn those black thumbs green)
- Leatherworking, photography, and anything else you want to learn.

Our main weakness is that none of us like paperwork. We would need another adult willing to coordinate insurance, merit badge progress, that kind of thing. We'd like to keep this whole thing low-stress, low-cost, and low bureaucracy, but we understand the importance of keeping our t's crossed.

How many of you have children you'd bring you a program like this in the Mesa area? If there is enough interest, let's have a meeting to talk about it in greater detail.