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    Hey everybody,
    I'm having a little difficulty and wanted to see if anyone else might be experiencing the same thing. Maybe you have a way to fix it. I have three kids on T4L and one that is too young, however he does not feel this way and demands to use it. He does this so well that he sneaks in when I'm not looking and does someone else's work. Now the others are starting to do too much work or do someone elses work when they are alone. They love being on it. How would you suggest getting the kids off. Thanks.

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    Wow! What a great problem to have. LOL

    Let them do work from the level below where the main level where they are set since they have access to 3 grade levels within each subject. For example, if your child is set on grade level 3, they have access to grades 2, 3, and 4. Let them work on level 2 when they have completed lessons for the day on their main level of grade 3.

    You can also, try having the kids use some of our sister sites when they have completed their T4L lessons. These are free sites and they are simply awesome.


    Vocabulary Fun

    Learning Games for Kids

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    Be sure to log each child out when they've finished their work and your little one won't be able to hop on the computer.

    If your youngest isn't old enough to use it, they might be old enough to play some of the easier games in the playground. Maybe if they're well-behaved while the older kids do their schoolwork, you could let them play for a few minutes as a reward? Just a thought!
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