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    I want to start homeschooling my 10 year old son next year, but dont know if I pull him out of school now if he will have to repeat the 5th grade starting at home? If he doesnt do the state testing this year does he automatically fail the year? I am new to this whole thing and would love advice on how to get started and what kind of curriculum to get for him to do at home? Any advice and help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello. I'm not familiar with the Arizona laws for home education. I can give you two sites where you find answers to your questions. You may also be able to call them and speak to someone personally.
    Arizona Families for Home Education and Homeschool Legal Defense Association.
    The second one is HSLDA, which I keep bookmarked. It's a good organization to support and join.
    Here are a couple of homeschool support groups. If one of these is near your area, you may want to contact them.

    I believe you can pull your son out of school and send in an Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool (which you will find at the first link provided above). I'm not sure if Arizona requires standardized testing. If they do, you would not need to send in the test scores. You would only need to send in a letter stating that your son has progressed academically. And you would do this a year after sending in your letter of intent to homeschool. Please confirm this information with your state home educators association or your state school board. I prefer to contact the home educators associations, as they are better informed on the homeschool laws than the school boards are.

    As for getting started, if you look over to your right on this page, you can find a download for a Homeschool Guide.

    We have used Time4Learning for 4 years now and our daughter loves it. If you haven't joined T4L yet, you can try the sample lessons. You can even start using it as an after-school program while you decide what to do. T4L is used as a primary source curriculum by some families, while others use it as a supplement.

    We have homeschooled for 12 years now. It's the best choice we have ever made for our family! I pray you have peace about whatever choice you make.

    I hope to see you around our forums again.

    Enjoying homeschooling and learning with our 3 children, using T4L and T4W

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