Fayetteville Family - new to homeschooling!
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    Cool Fayetteville Family - new to homeschooling!

    Hello Fellow Hoemschoolers!

    My wife nad I have begun homeschooling our son and daughter this year (Son 9yo, Daughter 6yo) and we are nervous and looking for others locally. We want to make sure our kids have the social aspect covered as well and we are not sure how to kick this thing off for the new school year. We fell in love with Time4Learning but still plan to supplement our program.

    If anyone in the Fayetteville Area can offer some guidance, it would be much appreciated!

    Stephen and Jennifer

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    Hi there, and welcome! Your state moderator is in the middle of moving their family, so I will try to help in the meantime...

    Here is a link to our Homeschooling in Arkansas page. There are a few good links there in which you should be able to find some homeschoolers near you. Tons of families use T4L to successfully supplement another curricula! Maybe some of them will chime in here. You can also check the Members Chat on Using Time4Learning forum, or any of the other forums on our boards here.

    Feel free to ask any questions you have here. I hope your homeschooling journey goes well and you enjoy yourselves!
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