Home schooling for a 19 year old
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    Default Home schooling for a 19 year old

    My 19 year old daughter is looking to get her diploma her mother let her drop out of school when she was 16 she is now pregnant and is wanting to get her diploma public schools won't let her back in is there any free programs she can take

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    Default Re: Home schooling for a 19 year old

    Hi. All fifty states allow a parent to issue a home school diploma to their own child. As long as the student was legally homeschooled, employers are required to treat a homeschool diploma (parent issued and parent-signed) just like any other diploma. Colleges are more interested in a student's entrance exam scores than in how they learned what they know, and many colleges actively recruit homeschooled students.

    Unfortunately, since she is no longer a minor, she isn't subject to any state's homeschool laws. So it would be impossible to homeschool her legally at this point.

    What you are looking for is an online school (which many people mistakenly call "homeschooling" because the work is usually done at home). Time4Learning is not an online school. Time4Learning is a curriculum for parents to use to homeschool.

    When searching for an online school, search terms like "online school" or "virtual school" and leave the term "homeschooling" out of your search. You will have more success finding what you need for an adult who wishes to earn a high school diploma. Of course, there is always the option of a GED. There are also still snail-mail courses, such as Calvert (who sends books and papers in the mail). '

    Good luck!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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