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    We are currently researching options for our high schooler. Due to learning differences, a traditional classroom is not optimal for him. This has led to may anxious moments and is breaking down his self-confidence. Our son plays football, so finding out how he continue this if we homeschool is one of his biggest concerns. I want him to be on board, because I know that will make the transition so much easier! Have any of you had a child who plays sports for another school while homeschooling and what all is required? THANKS!!

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    Default Re: Homeschool and Sports

    Hi! Each state has its own homeschool laws. Most say something about whether homeschooled students can participate in extra-curricular sports at their local public school. In my state (Oregon), this is specifically allowed, but they have to be tested every year and score above a certain percentile. (Homeschooled students in Oregon who do not want to play sports only need to be tested in grades 3, 5, 8, and 10.)

    Here is some information about homeschooling in Arkansas. It does mention interscholastic activities and sports, but it doesn't spell out exactly what is allowed. Instead, it gives you contact information to inquire about it. Since it also says, "Except as required to participate ininterscholastic activities, school districts arenot required to accept part-time students fromhome schools or private schools," that would seem to imply that some involvement in public school classes might be required.

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