Hot Springs Field Trip?
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    Hello, we are a homeschooling family from Ohio. We are planning a vacation that takes us through Hot Springs the first weekend in January.

    We are very interested in doing a riverboat cruise. There is only one company offering cruises in January - Belle of Hot Springs Riverboat.

    Here's our dilemma - we are a family of 10, but the boat owner needs at least 20 people to take his boat out. We need to do a cruise on Friday, January the 6th. They start at 1:00 PM. We are only doing the Sightseeing cruise w/o lunch, but others can add lunch if they want.

    Would you be willing or able to see if anyone in your area is interested in this activity? If we can get about 15 more people, then we're guaranteed to have a cruise that day unless weather does not permit. (The boat owner said weather cancellations are not very common.)

    If you could ask around and see if you can get a group together for that date, please let me know if you get the required number. Let people know that weather cancellation is a possibility. When I talked to the owner, he said he requires no money deposit. We just tell him what day we are coming and pay on arrival. So, there's no possibility of losing any deposits.

    All tour information, including prices, are listed on the web site. All families interested, contact the riverboat on your own to let the owner know you want to cruise that day. After booking, if you want to make sure the cruise is still on for that day, call or email the owner on your own.

    Thank you for your time. Please forward this on to any you think may be interested or could help me out.


    Julie Flournoy
    Laurelville, OH

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    That sounds fun, perhaps look for a homeschooling group through Google search, in the Little Rock area and see if you can speak with them directly. I understand your time to get the confirmation is short. I do not live in that area and so would not be able to add my name to your list. I hope you get enough responses to be able to get the boat tour.

    Happy holidays!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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