how do I legally go about homeschooling?
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    Default how do I legally go about homeschooling?

    My son has been in the same school district since Kindergarten.. He is now finishing up 9th grade. I can no longer stand for how they treat him or for that matter, what and how they are teaching him.

    I was wondering what steps I need to take in order to have him home schooled, per his request. He wants out and has for years . I just kept telling him.. next year will be better. Seems I have been lying to the boy. I live in a small town and unfortunately know if I do not follow the procedure exactly, there will be some sort of harassment.

    Thank you

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    Go to the website: This is the Arkansas Education Alliance. At the top of their home page their is a tab that says "Start Homeschooling." Click on it and then follow the directions given there.

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    Thanks for the reply Kris. Once you decide to homeschool, you will be looking at high school work, and for information on that I would suggest to you Let's Homeschool High School. They offer curriculum lists, forums for both parents and students, and a wealth of information on homeschooling high school. Check them out!
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