I have questions and can't find them in the faq's or the forums. Does any one know if I can make my child re-do lessons, and how? He has been negligent on his lessons, but I can't just stand over him constantly... I have a two year old as well. And he just refuses to do his lesson's properly. I would like to make him repeat them until he gets it right... because it is just laziness on his part. They are reading assignments that you answer questions shortly afterward. He is a very bright boy, and can totally do it. He is just being lazy, in a hurry, trying to get it over with. And where can I find the books they say are available on here for him to read? HELP! I feel lost in this system, and there aren't a lot of 'idiot proof' explanatory guides through each category. I couldn't even figure out how to post a thread in my name because each time I click on a new subject, it opens a whole new tab, and logs me out! grrh. so frustrating, and having to constantly sign back in again makes for very slow navigation of the system... and increasing difficulty in trying to figure things out. I have sat for hours and poured over this thing trying to find the book, and trying to find how to retake lessons... I also need to know how most parents plan their lessons through the year. I have all these assignments accesible to my son, but don't know how to plan them out sufficiently to be done with them by Summer break, and navigating around the holiday's. I am so new to this homeschool thing it is ridiculous.. again. Please Help.